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Taiwan Beaches




A white coral beach in Taiwan.

Introduction to Beaches in Taiwan

Some of Asia’s best beaches can be found on the tiny island of Taiwan. The months of May, June, July, August, September and October are the perfect time to frolic in the sun, if you can stand the heat, that is.Taiwan’s hot and humid subtropical climate can make the summer months of July and August extremely uncomfortable. However, if beaches are what you’re after, you’ll find that most of the beaches in Taiwan are geared towards water activities, such as diving, surfing, rafting, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing.Taiwan’s beaches are rich and varied, ranging from fine white and golden sand beaches to black sand and sparkling white coral beaches. The beaches on the main island of Taiwan are generally quite crowded during the months of May, June, July, August and September.Some of the very best beaches in Taiwan can be found on its outlying islands, which haven’t developed a strong tourist trade yet. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a beach that is beautiful and remote.

When to Go

The best time to visit Taiwan’s beaches is late summer and early fall, although you’ll find local beach lovers that enjoy the stifling hot summer months of June and July.Northern Beaches in TaiwanSituate P your finger on a map of Northern Taiwan by finding Danshui on the northern tip of the island. To your right, you’ll see San Zhi, Shimen, Jinshan, and Wanli stretch up and over the northern tip of the island. Trace your finger down the eastern side of the map to Keelung. Then find Gongliao and Fulong Beach.Good. Now you’ve familiarized yourself with the northern tip of Taiwan.

Baishawan Beach

Beautiful Baishawan Beach (White Sand Beach)

Baishawan Beach lives up to its name. Located on the northern coast between Linshanbi and Fugueijiao (Cape Fuguei), Baishawan is a 1,000-meter stretch of fine white sand beach and clear blue water. It’s just past the town of Sanzhi, and it’s probably one of the best known beaches in Northern Taiwan.There aren’t any deck chairs here or beach umbrellas, so bring your own if you plan on making a day of it. If relaxing in the sun and water activities don’t float your boat, there are also a number of other activities in the area that are guaranteed to keep you occupied.The beach is backed by a hill that is popular with hang gliders who come to take advantage of the strong winds coming off the sea. The western end of the bay has a gravel beach named Linshanbi. This beach is famous for its volcanic rock formations and hiking trails.Baishawan is easy to get to. Take the MRT to Danshui. From there, hop on any bus that is heading north around the coast. Your journey from Taipei will take about 40 minutes.

Sanzhir Town Beach_2

Sanzhir Town Beach Although well over an hour’s drive outside of Taipei, Sanzhir is a rural district in the northern part of New Taipei City in northern tip of Taiwan. The town itself is quite tiny, consisting of several restaurants, coffee shops, apartment complexes and vacation areas. It is probably best know for an unusual vacation resort that was built and subsequently abandoned in 1978. The San Zhi Pod Village was the main attraction in the area until it was torn down in early 2009.The site was a favorite with photographers and tourists, but efforts to save it failed, and the site is now being redeveloped.The beach is a beautiful strip of fine white sand and blue waters. There are a number of facilities on the beach,including bbq stands, making it a popular spot for families and couples.

Chinshan (Jinshan)

Chinshan is another popular beach resort in on the northeastern shore of Taiwan. Located just north of Keelung, Chinshan Beach is a popular place for families. Extending about 500 meters in length, the beach’s golden sand beach is perfect for sunbathing and sand sculptures. Just behind the beach is a large recreational area that is popular with locals for camping and barbecues.Chinshan doubles as a hot spring resort as well, with a nice indoor hot-springs swimming pool. This beach is usually quite crowded and noisy. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, walk along the coast. Go past the harbor and then cross the park on the headland above. The beach is on the far side.There is also another tiny beach in the area that is somewhat secluded. It’s at the end of the headland and can be reached by wandering down the cliff. Swim here at your own risk. The currents are strong here. Buses to Chinshan leave from the Taipei North Bus Station regularly and will drop you off right at the beach.

Feicueiwan Beach

Feicueiwan Beach, also known as Green Bay, is located on the northern coast. As one of the most developed recreational areas on Taiwan’s northern coastline, Green Bay boasts an enormous white sand beach over 1,500 meters long. Although the admission charge here is a bit steep, Green Bay is THE place to be in the summer if you like water activities.Water skiing, sailing, wind surfing, surfing, jet skis, snorkeling and scuba diving are just some of the activities you can do here. The area is also well-known throughout the island for paragliding and hang gliding. Green Bay is just one of six places in Taiwan where these sports are practiced.Call the Keelung Aerosports Association (tel: (02) 2966-3414) to fix up a tandem jump or arrange a full course. To reach Green Bay, take a bus or train to Keelung Train Station. The bus station is right next to the train station. Take a bus bound for Chinshan. The journey to Green Bay takes about 20 minutes.

Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand beaches on the northeast coast in Fulong Village, Gongliao Township. The river beach of Shuangsi River actually runs parallel to the sea beach.The two beaches are connected by a bridge. Shuangsi River, the body of water that separates these two beaches, is fairly deep, but it is a great place for canoeing and windsurfing.Fulong Beach, as one of the fewbeach resorts in northern Taiwan, is a favorite summer destination for residents in northern Taiwan. Trains from Taipei run to Fulong on a daily basis. To get to the beach, turn right along the main road after leaving the train station. When you come to a small stream, take the first left.Visitors can enjoy a number of local and migratory birds that are found near Taiwan’s shores. Accommodations here are also quite popular with log cabins for rent and a large camping area.

Image result for taiwan Fulong Beach

Honeymoon Bay (Dashi)

Honeymoon Bay in Ilan County is 90 minutes away from the city of Taipei by train. The beach here is very good for swimming, but it is one of the premier spots for surfing in Taiwan. Get off at Tahsi. Turn right along the main coast road to reach Honeymoon Bay in a couple of minutes. Beware: Currents here are strong.West Coast Beaches in Taiwan

Tongsiao Marine Life Park & Bathing Beach

On the western side of the island in Miaoli County, you’ll find that the bathing beach at Tongsiao makes a terrific family day excursion. As the largest bathing beach in central Taiwan, the park boasts beautiful forests and an artificial lake. The park is also a conservation area for mangroves.

Activities at the Tongsiao Marine Life Park don’t stop during the winter when the beach closes. The park’s exhibition rooms remain open, featuring oceanic life including corals, sharks, jellyfish, and reef fish.

Tongsiao Marine Life Park is located in Tongsiao Township in northern Taiwan’s Miaoli County. It is about 500 meters away from Take a train to Tongsiao Railway Station. The park and beach are about 500 meters away.

East Coast Beaches in Taiwan

Cisingtan Beach, Hualien

This stunning stone beach is just a ten-minute ride outside the port city of Hualien. Cisingtan is a long, quiet beach that is often frequented by beachcombers. It’s easy to spend hours here looking at the smooth pebbles and stones that litter the area. Although Cisingtan isn’t really swimmer-friendly, it’s definitely possible to go for a quick dip, just make sue you don’t swim there on your own as there are strong sea currents in the area.

Jici Beach

Just a short half hour drive from the city of Hualien, Jici Beach offers near perfect conditions for swimming and surfing. Located on Highway 11, this undeveloped black sand beach is enveloped in a crescent-shaped bay that’s surrounded by beautiful green mountains. It’s once of the nicest places to swim on the east coast, and it’s a popular surfing destination. Make sure you bring snacks and drinks. There aren’t any shops or convenience stores in the area.Southern Beaches in Taiwan

Image result for taiwan JICI BEACH


Kenting’s beaches are located on the rugged southernmost tip of Taiwan, holds the title of being the best beach in Taiwan. The warm semi-tropical landscape of Taiwan has balmy breezes, beautiful sandy beaches for swimming, diving and surfing and an 18,000 hectare national park.With an average annual temperature of 20 – 28 degrees Celcius, Kenting is a terrific place for all kinds of water sports. The coral reefs here have a rich and diverse variety of marine life and attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the island.

In addition to diving, other popular activities include swimming, surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, jet-sking and yachting. Whatever your pleasure, be it water sports or sunbathing, Kenting’s beaches are sure to deliver.

Chaiao Tou Beach Park (Anping Beach)

Tainan is known for its sunny skies and beautiful weather, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that Anping Beach doesn’t get too crowded during the summer. Perhaps its because everyone heads to Kenting.Anping Beach is still relatively undeveloped, offering very little in the way of shade. Make sure you bring your own umbrella.Popular activities here include swimming, skimboarding, walking, and biking.To get there, you can go by car or by bike. Heading west on Minsheng Road, you’ll soon notice that the road has turned into Anping Road. Keep an eye out for Anbei Road and turn right. Follow Anbei until you hit the West Coast highway. The beach in on your left.

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